Associated B6/T6/SC6 ExoTech Upgrade Battery Levers


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Small (18.5mm-20.0mm)
Medium (22.5mm)
Large (25.1mm)


Upgrade your ExoTech Carbon Lipo Brace with these Improved Battery Levers.

Made from Premium Reinforced Nylon.

These Levers and ALL included hardware are 100% sourced and Fabricated in America!

Featuring rounded and chamfered edges, they are smooth on the fingers and battery case during use. Changing batteries is literally a snap as the levers lock into place. No more need for tools to remove or install your lipo!

Designed for use with AE B6/T6/SC6 using the ExoTech Battery Brace (EXO1828). Simply remove the current ExoTech battery tabs and hardware and replace with the Darter Design Upgraded Battery Levers.

Three sizes accommodate ALL common Lipo sizes. Depending on the height of your battery you'll need to choose the correct size Lever to secure your Lipo.

  • Small: 18.5-20.0mm Tall Battery Packs (Low-Profile, Slim, LCG and ULCG packs)
  • Medium: 22.5mm Tall Battery Packs (Some Spektrum Packs)
  • Large: 25.1mm Tall Battery Packs (common Reedy Zappers)

Standard Color of 3D Printed parts is BLACK

Other colors available upon request, or you can dye your own!

See how to do it here: How-To Dye Darter Design Nylon Parts


  • 3D Printed parts made from Strong Reinforced Nylon
  • Direct fit to all AE B6\T6\SC10 regardless of setup
  • REQUIRES ExoTech B6 Battery Brace (EXO1828)
  • Three different sizes depending on the battery size used.


  • 2x Upgraded Battery Levers
  • 1x Hardware Bag (Black Washers, Rubber Washers, Black Flanged M3 Nylock Nuts)