Arguably the World's First Freestyle Hexacopter Frame!

The Hornet is a 4" Mid-Weight Freestyle FPV Hexacopter Frame that can be built lean or mean.

Why a Hex? Hexacopters offer a more locked in and "on rails" feel over Quad copters. This is because when yawing, the hex has the CoG centered between 3 motors, rather than a CoG balanced between two motors like a quad. This helps get rid of some nasty coupling that can happen on poorly balanced quads. TLDR: You get a more pure and direct/uncoupled control with a Hex. This makes a hex a strong contender for those looking for BUTTERY smooth yaw spins and other tricks that need slow and smooth control.


All Materials and Parts have been sourced and manufactured in America & Canada!


CNC Milled 3K Carbon Fiber with Chamfered Edges

Smooth Feel and Slick Looks


Strong & Rigid Reinforced Nylon Rx and VTx Antenna Mounts

Holds Rx Antenna Tubes tubes up to 3.2mm Ø

Holds VTX Male SMAs

or tubes up to 4.2mm Ø with adapter

or MMCX with adapter

Single Screw Isolated Arms

Universal Arm for each corner

Easy Frustration Free Arm Changes with M3 Hardware

Single Center Chainring Bolt (Inspired by Dave_C)

Bottom & Mid Plates don't separate during arm change

Tight, Secure, and Wiggle Free Lock

Strong & Rigid Reinforced Nylon Camera Cage

0° - 90° Adjustable Camera Angle

Fits Most Micro & Nano Cameras (19mm)

Room for Analog and HD Digital Cameras (Does not fit DJI HD Units)

Caddx Vista, Runcam Hybrid, Caddx Tarsier

Side Protected Camera Lens

Top Battery Mounting

Three Battery Strap Slots for 15mm Hook&Loop Straps

Fits Lipo/Lion Packs up to ~80mm Long (Depends on Camera Location & Tilt)


Standard Color is BLACK NYLON PARTS & Standoffs

Other colors in PETG are available by request

Wheelbase (Motor to Motor): 220mm

Wheelbase Shape: True Plus Hex

Max Prop Size: 4.0"

Distance Between Upper and Lower Plates: 20mm

Motors Supported: 11XX to 20XX

Motors Mounting Pattern: 4X M2 on 9mm-12mm Ø 

Cameras Supported: Up to 19mm Wide

Flight Controllers & Boards Supported: 20mm X 20mm & 16mm X 16mm

M2 Mounting Holes

Two Stack locations: Middle & Rear

Weight: 89g (Frame & Hardware)

Plastic Parts: Reinforced Nylon

Top Plate: 2.0mm Carbon Fiber

Mid Plate: 2.0mm Carbon Fiber

Bottom Plate: 2.0mm Carbon Fiber

Arms: 4.5mm Carbon Fiber

Kit Contents:

1X Hornet 220 Carbon Frame Kit

- 1X Top Plate

- 1X Mid Plate

- 1X Bottom Plate

- 6X Arms

- 2X Camera Cage Sides (Left & Right)

-1X RX/VTX/GPS Mount

7X M2 20mm Standoff

M2 Hardware

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