How to convert your RC10B74/74.1/74.1D into a T74 Truggy

How to convert your RC10B74/74.1/74.1D into a T74 Truggy

Zachary Rambo

Want to try out a 1/10 Truggy in the Associated Electric flavor? I've always wanted a 4wd 1/10 Truck from AE, however they never came to light. With the release of the B74, that changed my game from waiting, to doing. The B74 chassis is perfect for this conversion and can be done with little effort.


Now the undertaking is not for those looking to save their wallet. The conversion is not cheap, but if you'd like extra parts for your B74 or T6, the conversion can be beneficial. Again though, it all depends on what classes you run.

Overall the cost to convert is about ~$400. Most of the parts are from AE themselves. The only custom parts you need are as follows:

Sway Bar Extension: Product Page

Front Arms: Product Page

Front & Rear Shock Towers: Front Towers Rear Towers

CVA Shims: Product Page

Many others like to take the ET410 front arms and modify them to fit the B74 Caster Blocks. VelocityRC sells these if you prefer them.

 Otherwise you'll need the Darter Design Arms. They are 3D printed and pretty tough. Not as tough as a molded arm, but for not needing to hack at them yourself, the price can't be beat. Plus, clean is fast!

As for the other parts, they are mostly AE parts. The only NON-AE parts I used were the Body and Wheels/Tires. Everything else was AE.

A quick summary of parts needed from AE:

T6 Rear Arms

91mm Rear CVAs

66mm Rear CVA Axles

T6 Turnbuckles

T6 Shocks Front & Rear

The parts list is below WITH prices from AMain Hobbies as of March 2021.

Google Drive Sheet:

Part NOTE Part# Price Qty Needed Cost
12mm Hex 2.2" Truck Wheels & Tires 17.50 4 70
Truck Body Xray XT4 30 1 30
Custom Parts
Front Arms 11 1 11
Front Shock Tower 26 1 26
Rear Shock Tower 29 1 29
CVA Shims pk of 10 3.50 1 3.50
 T6 Arms & CVAs
Team Associated RC10T6.2 Rear "Gullwing" Arms (2) ASC71140 9.99 1 9.99
Team Associated 91mm Rear CVA Bones (2) ASC71113 13.75 2 27.5
Team Associated RC10B74 66mm Rear CVA Axle (2) ASC92207 15.49 1 15.49
 T6 Turnbuckles
T6.1 Turnbuckle Kit Titanium 40 0
or buy individual steel turnbuckles, 4ea 3x67mm, 2ea 3x58mm Steel ASC7253/ASC9175 28 1 28
T6.1 Shocks
Team Associated 12mm Big Bore Threaded Collar (Blue) (2) ASC91304 8.99 2 17.98
Team Associated 12mm V2 X-Ring Rebuild Kit ASC91495 14.5 1 14.5
Team Associated Factory Team FOX Kashima Coated 12x27.5mm V2 Shock Body (2) (Front Truck/Buggy Rear) ASC91577 25.99 1 25.99
Team Associated Factory Team FOX Kashima Coated V2 Truck Rear Shock Body (2) 12x36mm ASC91579 28.49 1 28.49
Team Associated 3x27.5mm V2 Ti-Nitride Screw Mount Shock Shaft (2) ASC91619 10.99 1 10.99
Team Associated 3x35mm V2 Ti-Nitride Screw Mount Truck Rear Shock Shaft (2) ASC91623 10.99 1 10.99
Team Associated Factory Team V2 Flat Mount Shock Piston (2x1.6mm)(4) 12mm Big Bore ASC91626 14.49 1 14.49
Team Associated 12mm Front Shock Spring (2) (Gray/4.45lbs) (54mm Long) ASC91637 4.99 1 4.99
Team Associated 12mm Rear Shock Spring (2) (White/2.40lbs) (72mm Long) ASC91640 4.99 1 4.99
Team Associated B6.1/B6.1D Shock Caps & Spring Cups ASC91814 12.99 1 12.99
Team Associated B6.1/B6.1D Shock Pivot Ball (4) ASC91819 5.99 1 5.99
Team Associated B6.1/B6.1D Ball Ends ASC91820 9.99 1 9.99
SUM 410.36