STL FILE - Associated B74/T74 Upgrade Battery Levers


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Download the STL and print yourself the levers on your own printer!

Upgrade your Stock AE Battery Brace with these Improved Battery Levers.

Featuring rounded and chamfered edges, they are smooth on the fingers and battery case during use. Changing batteries is literally a snap as the levers lock into place. No more need for tools to remove or install your lipo!

Designed for use with AE B74/T74 using the STOCK Battery Brace. Simply remove the current battery brace and hardware and replace with the Darter Design Upgraded Battery Levers.

The included spacers also allow quick Weight Bias Adjustments. Simply snap on the spacers around the battery posts. Each Spacer is labeled on the front for easy ID of the distance.

This upgraded lever will accommodate ALL common Lipo sizes. Depending on the height of your battery you'll need to adjust the height of you battery post per the Manual.


  • Direct fit to all AE B74/T74 regardless of setup
  • REQUIRES Stock Battery Posts


  • 2x Upgraded Battery Levers
  • 9x Battery Spacers (1mm-9mm in 1mm graduations)

Required Hardware:

  • 2x M3 Locknut
  • 2x M3 Washer
  • 2x M3 Grommet or O-Ring  

Suggested Print Settings:

  • Suggest printing in the orientation as shown in the Prusa Slicer Preview. This ensures smooth rotation and locking.
  • .15mm Layer Height or .10mm
  • 3-4 Perimeters Minimum (~2.0mm Wall Thickness)
  • 50% infill or Solid Infill
  • Use Supports
  • Use NylonX if able. PLA, PETG, or ABS works for short term.

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