The FCX-Lock is a fuss-free method of attaching a Flight Controller to most common FPV frames.

Using a FCX-Lock eliminates the need to use individual locknuts to hold down your FC Stack or other Electronics. Now you will only need one tool and can access and remove your electronics from the top of the vehicle. The Plastic material also acts as a locknut ensuring the screws won't come loose during flight. 

Designed for the following FC Hole Pattern Sizes:

30.5mm x 30.5mm

20mm x 20mm

16mm x 16mm

Available in MANY colors and printed per order. Can be selected for M2 or M3 hardware.

If ordered alone, will be sent US Postal in an envelope. 


Single Tool use

Access your FC Stack/Electronics from the Top


Thickness: 2.5mm

Flight Controllers Supported: 30.5 x 30.5mm, 20mm X 20mm, 16mm x 16mm

Weight: ~1g 


1X FCX-Lock

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